Graduated from the Theory and Composition Department of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1987, scientific advisor Prof. E. V. Vasilchenko). Ph. D. thesis «The Musical Traditions of South and South-East Asia: the Problem of the Dialogue between Traditional Cultures of the Antiquity and the Middle Ages» (1996, scientific advisor Prof. T. V. Cherednichenko). In 1984–1993 she has been working at the Center «World Musical Culture», the Moscow Conservatory. The Associate Professor of the Sociology and Politology Department of Moscow Institute for Business and Politics. Honored Education Worker, a Member of the St. Petersburg Union of Scientists (section «Historical Musicology»). Author of more than 120 scientific publications and book «Archaic Phenomena in World Musical Culture» (2009). Author of the idea and pro­ject of scientific conference «The Faces of Culture: Actual Problems of the History and the Present» (Moscow, 2005–2012). Research interests include musical anthropology, musical semiotics, and psychology of musical creativity.