On the Meaning of Music in the Philosophy of Henri Bergson


Explaining the main idea of his concept — the idea of a specific time, or duration (la durée), Bergson often turned to examples from the field of music. The melody appears in this plan as the leading metaphor of duration, transmitting the continuous interpenetration of changing states of consciousness, that is, according to Bergson, the temporary organization of psychic life. Researchers interpret the role of music in the concept of the French philosopher in different ways. Some of them believe (and prove) that music is fundamentally, deeply connected with Bergson's teaching about time. Others argue that examples from the sphere of music rather serve as a kind of illustration that helps to better understand the essence of his views, but have o special, metaphysical meaning, referring to the foundations of his teachings. The author of the article, relying on the main works and correspondence of the thinker, gives a number of arguments in favor of the first approach, which gives music in Bergson's interpretation a deep philosophical meaning. 


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