The Rite of Spring and the Metamorphosis of Russian Scythianism


The article discusses the phenomenon of Russian Scythianism, which originated in the cultural climate of Russia in the early 20th century and has manifested itself in various works of art. The author analyzes the aesthetic, social and psychological roots of this phenomenon, which ideologically aware of itself on the eve of the World War I. The article reveals the link between Russian Scythianism and philosophy of Dionysism, it allows to draw a parallel between the ecstatic images of Stravinsky and Scriabin. In addition, it traces the evolution of the Scythian art sphere in creative activity of younger contemporaries of Stravinsky. This is Prokofiev, who was promoted from the Scythian Suite and the cantata Seven, They are Seven to the urbanistic Second Symphony and The Steel Step, as well as Shostakovich, who trans¬formed the rhythmic motor activity of the Scyphian sphere in sinister machine of death.