The History of Russian Publications by Alban Berg


The article is devoted to the history of the two publications by Alban Berg about the opera “Wozzeck” and the problems of opera in general, inspired by the Leningrad premiere on 13 June 1927: “Alban Berg about His Opera Wozzeck” (published in the magazine “Zhizn’ iskusstva”) and the response to the questionnaire of the magazine “Muzyka i revoljucija” (not published). The unknown archive materials: letters to Berg from V. M. Belyaev, A. I. Dzimitrovski, M. M. Grinberg, E. Stein, and also a letter from M. Grinberg to A. Lunacharsky about the conflict in the journal “Muzyka i revoljucija”, allow to conclude that the mentioned articles were written by Berg as the exclusive material for Russian magazines. The author specifies the history of the further publications of these texts in Russian, German and English. Along the way, some aspects of the European debate of the 1920s on the problems of the opera theater, as well as other articles about Berg’s opera are considered.