Chronicles of Sviatoslav Richter as Accompanist: In the Duet with Galina Pisarenko


The article deals one of the brilliant pages of S. Richter’s performing activities as accompanist. It is implied his collaboration with the singer Galina Pisarenko for a long time (1980–1993) to be marked by the famous creative achievements. The first of the chamber vocal projects successfully realized by this artistic duet was monographic program of the works by K. Szymanowski (the cycles “Songs of the Infatuated Muezzin” on J. Iwaszkiewicz’s words, and “Seven Songs on Poems by J. Joyce”, and selected “Kurpie Songs”). The interpretation of these works which were performed during the period of 1980–85 was in fact the true revelation not only for Soviet audience but also for admirers the outstanding Polish composer abroad (including K. Szymanowski’s fatherland). The team-work of Galina Pisarenko and Sviatoslav Richter at Pushkin romances by N. Medtner (1981–1982) was equally fruitful. (The chamber vocal heritage of this master up to the end of the 1970s stayed on the periphery of the repertoire of the Russian singers and accompanists.) The monographic program devoted to romances and songs by E. Grieg (1993) drew attention of numerous connoisseurs of music by the Norwegian classic owing to its original interpretation of “Nordic” sources of the composer’s artistic thinking in the whole and of his vocal style in particular. As the author of this article notes, the examining of conceptual bases of each of the above-named projects in correlation with the chronology of their concert-stage realization allows to reveal some essential features of S. Richter’s performing activities as accompanist for a period from the 1970s to the beginning of the 1990s.


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