«Erminia» Guido Casoni — Biagio Marini: Renaissance Theatre on the Baroque Stage


In this paper two B. Marini’s (1594–1663) compositions are considered, based on paraphrases of the Venetian poet G. Casoni on texts of T. Tasso’s «Jerusalem Delivered»: a monologue «Tears of Erminia» (op. 6, 1623) and a madrigal for 6 voices and 6 instruments «Beatiful Erminia» (ор. 7, 1634). The new data about the history of creation of these works and about their poetic primary sources is cited. It is shown that, despite genre and stylistic distinctions, both compositions of Marini are genetically connected with improvisational vocal forms of the Renaissance (aria per cantar sonetti, romanesca).
In the appendix there are translations of the poems «In a lonely valley» and «Beatiful Erminia» by G. Casoni and prefaces to them, and also a transcription of a vocal monologue «Tears of Erminia» by B. Marini, executed by the author of the article are placed.