The Genre Structure of Traditional Instrumental Music of the Udmurts


Systematization of genres of instrumental music is still an open problem in science. Although there is general
genre system of Russian instrumental music, which was developed by I. V. Matsiyevsky, each regional and
local tradition (including peoples of other ethnic groups) makes its adjustments.
This article poses the problem of genre systematization of the Udmurt traditional instrumental music. To
date, scientists have accumulated an extensive sound material, organological properties of the Udmurt musical
instruments, manufacturing processes, forms of functioning, methods of playing are described. The next step
should be classification issues. We consider three components: communicative, historical-genetic, and musical.
The first is fundamental in the selection of three main genre groups: signals and tunes for communication
of a man with nature (birds, wild animals, and domestic animals), signals and tunes for communication of
a man with other worlds (the upper and lower worlds), signals and tunes for communication between people.
These groups, in turn, are divided into several genres from the point of view of historical-genetic method
and musical analysis. New materials, subsequent detailed analysis of the musical-ethnographic data will
make adjustments and will contribute to its enrichment and improvement.