“Intermedij da Principi”: The Seven Prescriptions of Giovanbattista Strozzi the Younger


This paper is an attempt to analyze the manuscript now known as “The Prescriptions for Intermedi” by Giovanbattista Strozzi the Younger (1551–1634), which is of great importance for studying the history of Florentine intermedi. We consider the document in the contexts of the theatrical practice of those times, general requirements to any intermedi, and the literary poetics that was then viewed as universally applicable. We come to the conclusion that “The Prescriptions” provide a full-fledged (albeit concise) theory, which is adequate for all renowned intermedi of the Medici Theater from the last third of the 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century. Finally we criticize the currently accepted dating of the manuscript and propose a new one.
The appendices to the paper contain our translations of the following documents into Russian: “Prescriptions for Intermedi” by G. B. Strozzi the Younger; G. B. Guarini’s conception (invenzione) of intermedi for his own pastoral Il pastor fido (1591); excerpts from B. de’ Rossi’s descriptions of the intermedi by G. de’ Bardi for the comedies L’amico fido (1586) and La pellegrina (1589).