Some Peculiarities of the Wind Ensemble Classes


The article summarizes the experience of teaching the classical wind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon) at the Moscow Conservatory. There are brilliant works for such ensembles created by P. Hindemith, G. Ligeti, H. Villa-Lobos, J.‑M. Damaz, D. Milhaud, F. Poulenc, but for in our country music for wind instruments is not popular, there is no any constant concert band in this sphere. In the educational practice, however, the wind ensemble classes are of a great use; they allow to acquire such skills (the sense of artistic leadership, fine work on balance, articulation, intonation) that can not be worked out while rehearsing with the orchestra. The main task of the teacher is to inculcate into students the culture of playing together with joy and pleasure. All of his skills of psychologist should be involved.