Topoi of Brahms’ Music


The paper considers topoi of Brahms’ music as a system. In contrast to 18th century rhetorical commonplaces, it involves nonconventional, but, nevertheless, well-defined and recognizable complexes of musical means of expression: their stability can be explained by the unity of meaning throughout all composer’s works. Brahms usually uses traditional semantic elements: burdens, simple chordal style, “horn fifths” form the topos of pastorale; organ points and rhythmic ostinato, referring to similar images of Bach’s music, correspond to the topos of bliss. However, the apparent “traditionality” screens the peculiar romantic Weltanschauung of the composer, who transforms the musical symbols by providing them with new, individual sense. Brahms’ music does not promise consolation to sufferers in the other world, but gives it hinc et nunc, “here and now”, — not in thinking about the bliss in the future, but rather in its actual feeling.


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