Welcome speech to the hero of the day


... The door opens, and Inna Barsova enters the conference room, or the meeting of the department, or the meeting of the Academic Council, or simply into the classroom where she leads individual lessons in reading scores. If we imagine that at the moment of its appearance some kind of music should have sounded by itself, then what kind of music? IG Sokolov expressed the opinion that this was the beginning of Mahler's Fourth Symphony. In any case (even if we recall all the titles and titles of the hero of the day) this is definitely not a pompous intradia to Monteverdiev's Orpheus (the analysis of which is given a place in Barsov's Essays on the History of Score Notation), but rather the next one painted in warm timbre shades stringed ritornelle, which precedes the appearance of the allegorical figure of Music in the opera.