Under the horizon of Prokofiev’s Diary: about Gorchakov


The article is about G. N. Gorchakov — one of the secretary of S. S. Prokofiev. Young musician, who deciphered musical and literature manuscripts of Prokofiev, who was his amanuensis, during some years was a guide of literature and musical thought of the composer, completed some large scores of Prokofiev. Together, they were connected not only by music, but also by same religious doctrine preferred: Christian Science. This community shows the publication of the Gorchakov’s letter to Lina Prokofiev of 1984. In this letter the matters of religion are mentioned, besides, Gorchakov comments the opera “War and Peace”. At the episodes on shooting of documentary about Prokofiev, in the behavior and sayings of modest secretary from time to time one can find unknown, sometimes unexpectable sides of the portrait of Great Prokofiev.