An evening with surprises (not a review)


God grant you the mood
And an easy pen!

Confirming these words, the Critic thoughtfully fiddled with the dressing room toilets, looking for those befitting the occasion. Here are the dresses of Eusebius, Florestan and Meister Raro, to which he touched with trepidation, here is Kapellmeister Kreisler's tailcoat and next to it - “luxurious sideburns” that have not faded from time at all (I quote the original source), “sharp, flexible claws” and the wonderful tail of the Cat Murr. Here is a set of masks and pseudonyms (to taste: "Shlakun Goryunov", a retired titular adviser, or - "Voiceless", or - "Moscow Philistine"), and a quill pen of Prince Vladimir Odoevsky, and there in the corner on a nail hangs a dusty Corno di Bassetto by Bernard Shaw. O supportive Reader! Do not be surprised at this strange in our "business" age of childish passion for mystification! Indeed, there is only one day in a year when people who are considered serious by others, without fear or reproach, can indulge in this amazing pastime of the past - masquerade, or “masquerade,” as Pushkin said; this is the New Year, and now it is coming! And I have to write a review of the concert, which took place in the Small Hall of the Conservatory just on New Year's Eve - on Wednesday, December 31st.