Joseph Matthias Hauer: «an atonal minimalist»


The article is dedicated to Austrian composer J. M. Hauer, the author of the original twelve-tone method. Hauer’s theory is described in detail in Russian research literature while his music remains practically unknown and is often estimated as primitive and amateurish. The author of present paper tries to look at Hauer’s music through the prism of the 20th-century experience, considering it in the categories of minimalism and repetitive technique. Just as John Cage, who, being under influence of Zen philosophy, tries to remove the diktat of composer’s Ego and to destroy a boundary between art and not-art, Hauer rejects the European manner of thinking and considers music as a tool of spiritual self-elevation and meditation. His interpretation of atonality essentially diverges from that of Schoenberg. Thereby Hauer’s work brings together avant-garde and post avant-garde, West and East, ratio and intuitio.


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