“The Rite of Spring”: the Ukrainian “topics”


In the fate of The Rite of Spring Ukraine is presented the first of all with Ustilug, where The Rite have been written. Now together with Lutsk it is a kind of “Stravinsky-center” where annual festivals and conferences are held.

The second subject is the Ukrainian folklore sources of The Rite. The indirect confirmation of these one can find in the third Ukrainian subject: the influence of Stravinsky’s ballet on the creativity of Ukrainian composers. As an example the ballet Olga by Yevgeny Stankovych and its kinship with the The Rite of Spring is considered. This typical instance of identity in dissimilar is interesting because of the fact that Stankovych’s music (without citation, like at Stravinsky’s) was born of Ukrainian folklore.
Among the stage interpretations of The Rite of Spring in Ukraine is Radu Poklitaru’s production (the National Opera House, 2002).