Irina A. Skvortsova


Doctor Habil. (Art Studies), Professor of Subdepartment of Russian Music History, Acting Dean of Department of Musicology and Composition at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (since 2020).
Born in  Moscow. Graduated from the Music Theory and Composition Department, the Academic Music College at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory  (1975), the Music Theory  and  History  Department  (1981) and then the postgraduate course (1987), the Moscow Conservatory. Ph. D. thesis Poetics of Music in  P. I. Tchaikovsky’s Ballet “Nutcracker” (scientific advisor Prof. I. A. Barsova, 2010). Doctor of Fine Arts; thesis Art Nouveau Style  in  the Russian Musical  Art at the Turn of the 19th  to 20th  Century (1996). Since 1993 teaches  at  the  History of Russian Music Subdepartment, the  Moscow Conservatory (Professor since 2003). Dean of the Professional Development Department (2001-2020). Irina A. Skvortsova gives master classes and lectures considering the various problems  of  Russian  music  history.  She  is  author  of  numerous  publications about the late works by  Tchaikovsky, Russian music at  the  turn of  the  19th  to  20th  century  (including  Rimsky-Korsakov,  Glazunov, Stravinsky, Scriabin), the  avant-garde of the 1920ies, the contemporary music.