Sergey N. Lebedev


Associate Professor and Leading Research Fellow at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Specializing in early Western music theory (mostly Antiquity and Middle Ages) and early stages of Western harmony (pitch systems). Studied music theory in the Gnessins Institute (Moscow) with Yulia Yevdokimova and in Moscow Conservatory with Yury Kholopov. Ph. D. thesis: The Problem of Modal Harmony in Early Renaissance Music (Moscow Conservatory, 1988). Post-doctoral studies— at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, with Michael Bernhard and Theodor Göllner (Humboldt fellowship, 1990–1992), and at the University of Vienna with Walter Pass (1997); Guest Professor there in 1998. Books: Cuiusdam Carthusiensis monachi tractatus de musica plana (critical edition with commentary; Tutzing, 2000), Musica Latina (St. Petersburg, 2000; with Rimma Pospelova), Russian Finale Book (St. Petersburg, 2003; with Peter Troubinov), Boethii institutio musica (new edition of Boethius’ Fundamentals of Music, with Russian translation, and commentary; Moscow, 2012). Articles in Russian (incl. over 50 for the Great Russian Encyclopedia and Orthodox Encyclopedia), German and Bulgarian languages.