An Account of Musical Performances in Westminster Abbey, and the Pan­theon, May 26th, 27th, 29th, and June 3rd and 5th, 1784, in Commemoration of Handel


This paper concludes the publication of the first Russian translation of An Account of Musical Performances in Westminster Abbey, and the Pantheon, May 26th, 27th, 29th, and June 3rd and 5th, 1784, in Commemoration of Handel, written by famous English music historian Charles Burney (1726–1814), who attended that memorable festival. The performances were held under the patronage of King George III and drew wide public response. That’s why the Account… is such a valuable document, which gives a vivid idea of the importance of music in the British social life of that epoch and the esteem for Handel’s name all over the country. Being a true erudite aware of all significant musical events, Burney in his youth was also lucky to be personally acquainted with Handel. So his discourse of Handel’s works selected for the festival and his judgment of the musicians’ skills, which he compares to those of the first performers, is of an obvious interest. In the present issue of the journal being published the closing part of the Account… describing the fourth and the fifth days of the Commemoration and also the Appendix and the translator’s afterword.