Interdisciplinary Emphasis of General Music Theory


Usually, the theory of music includes a cycle of compositional theories - the doctrine of harmony, polyphony, form, rhythm, melody, texture, etc. But besides them, there are semiotic, psychological, and acoustic theories of music, etc. Their sum is the general music theory. I will focus on interdisciplinary aspects in this amount. A different set of problems is posed here than in compositional theories. But all of them are aimed at comprehending one thing - the essence of music, its deepest secrets.
The types of interdisciplinarity that will be discussed are the combination of theoretical musicology with philosophy, aesthetics, psychology, neuroscience, semiotics and axiology. The issues that are touched upon here are studied in the subjects "music as an art form", "theory of musical content", "musical psychology", etc. at the Department of Interdisciplinary Specializations of Musicologists (MSM).