Pyotr Meshchaninov Hamburg Archive in the Scientific Library of Moscow Conservatory


Department of Rarities of the Taneev Scientific Music Library (Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory) possesses
a unique handwritten archive of Pyotr Nikolayevich Meshchaninov (1944–2006) — the original music
theorist, pianist and conductor. Archive materials are primarily related to theoretical studies which, in spite
of the author’s repeated attempts, hadn’t led to the completion of the planned work and to its publication.
Meanwhile, the Meshchaninov’s ideas, synthesizing music and the numbers, had a certain influence on the
work of his wife S. A. Gubaidulina and were presented in the writings of Yu. N. Kholopov and V. S. Tsenova.
Even superficial acquaintance with archive gives a perspective on the talented and unique personality of the
musician and on the time of his creative development, which insensibly has become history.