Opera as a Heart of “Gulyanie” (Festive Gathering): Moscow Versions of Grétry’s Opera-Comiques


Grétry’s four opera-comiques on the stage of Moscow private theatre are the main subject of this paper based on the archival materials and other sources. The phenomenon of introduction of French operas to Moscow private theatre and the peculiar features of Russian versions are discussed. The opera performance was a pearl of the festival program with a wide range of entertainments. “L’Amitié à l’épreuve”, “Les Mariages samnites”, “Lucile and Le Tableau parlant” were performed in Russian on different stages of Counts Sheremeteff theatre at the last quarter of the 18th century. Other Grétry’s operas (“Richard Cœur de Lion”, “Céphal et Procris ou l’Amour conjugal”, “Andromaque”, “Panurge dans l’isle de lanterns”, “Le Marriage d’Antonio”) which were being prepared for the performance at the theatre are discussed as well.