Anna V. Stoyanova


Born in 1988. Composer, musicologist. Graduate of Gnesin Russian State Academy of Music (the Department of Composition; class of Professor G. V. Chernov) and from postgraduate studies at Gnesin Academy (scientific advisor — Professor T. V. Tsaregradskaya). Ph.D. (2016; dissertation thesis: Electroacoustic composition by Yannis Xenakis).
Lecturer at the Subdepartment of Analytical Musicology at the Gnesin Russian Academy of Music.
Participated in contemporary music festivals: The Moscow Autumn, Svetozvony, Russian Harp Festival, Harp Master Festspiele (Switzerland). The winner of the competitions: Open Regional Prokofiev Competition of Composition and Improvisation (Grand Prix, 2012), Delphic Games (Gold medal, 2010), The International Shostakovich Competition (2008).