Darya A. Zhurkova


Ph.D. (Cultural Studies), Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Artistic Problems of Mass Media, the State Institute for Art Studies (Moscow). 
Graduated from Glazunov Petrozavodsk State Conservatory (2008) and then received a master’s degree in socio-cultural project management at Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (2009). Winner of the Moscow Government Prize in the category “Best Young Professional in Culture” (2014), winner of “Books 2016” in the category “Article by a Young Researcher” (SIAS). Author of the books “Temptation by the Beautiful. Classical Music in Contemporary Popular Culture” (2016) and “Songs about nothing? Russian Pop Music at the Turn of Epochs: 1980–1990s (2023). Her research interests include Soviet pop music, Russian pop music, popular song in cinema and television.