Margarita V. Esipova [Yessipova]


Russian ethnomusicologist, and specialist in Oriental studies, Ph. D. in Art Studies. Born in Moscow in 1957. Graduated from the Music Theory and History Department of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Ph. D. thesis: "Essential Features of Japanese Traditional Music. Towards the Problem of the Historical Evolution of the Basic Principles of Musical Organization" (Tashkent, 1988). Leading Research Fellow of the Research Centre for Methodology of Historical Musicology, Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Senior Research Fellow at the State Institute for Art Studies. The author of over 60 articles on traditional Japanese music, Central and East Asian musical culture, and on campanology, of the book "Traditional Music of Japan. Encyclopedia"(Moscow, 2012. 294 p.; this book is both a compendium and a piece of serious scholarly research on the Japanese musical tradition), of over 500 entries in different encyclopedic editions. Head of a number of encyclopedias, including "Encyclopedia of Musical Instruments" (Moscow, 2008. 786 p.; compiler, author of numerous entries and editor-in-chief) and "Moscow Conservatory. 1866–2016. Encyclopedia in 2 vols." (Moscow, 2016; scientific-encyclopedic editor).