Natalia P. Savkina


Graduated from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Ph. D. Thesis: The Formation of Prokofiev’s Opera Works — Oundineand Maddalene””. Member of the Russian Composers Society. Grant of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of France (research in the National Library of France). Grant of the Sorosz Foundation (research in The Prokofiev Archive, London). Grant of Paul Sacher Stiftung (research in Paul Sacher Stiftung). Bourse de Gouvernement France EGIDE (research in the National Library of France). The research investigation on the theme S.Prokofiev in the materials of “The Prokofiev Archive” in London (the grant of the Russian Fund for the Humanities). Author of more than 130 published works in Russian, English, French, Polish, Bulgarian, scenarios of documentaries and television programmes. Associate Professor at Moscow Conservatory, Subdepartment of History of Russian Music.