Tatiana G. Kazantseva


Graduated from the Department of Music Theory and Composition, Glinka Novosibirsk State Conservatory (1988), and then completed her postgraduate studies there (1992). Ph. D. (1995). From 1996 she has been teaching at the Music History Subdepartment of Novosibirsk Conservatory (Associate Professor — 1996, Full Professor — 2020). Since 2007, the main place of her work is the Department of Rare Books and Manuscripts of the State Public Scientific and Technical Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Senior Research Fellow). Simultaneously T. G. Kazantseva continues to teach at Novosibirsk Conservatory (the Departments of Music History and Ethnomusicology). Her research interests are written and oral traditions of the Old Believers of Siberia. She has more than 150 publications, including five catalogs with descriptions of singing manuscripts of znamenny notation; also she is one of the authors of the collective monographs Musical Culture of Siberia (1997), and Traditions of Spiritual Singing in the Culture of Altai Old Believers (2002).