Vyacheslav G. Tsypin


Doctor of Fine Arts. Leading Researcher of the Research Center for Methodology of Historical Musicology of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Main sphere of interest is studying and translation of Ancient Greek monuments of musical science. He studied musicology with Profs. E. M. Tsareva, V. P. Fraenov, E. V. Nazaykinsky. Ph.D. thesis: Anton Webern: Logic of Creative Art. Doctoral thesis: Aristoxenus. Origins of the Musical Science. Main published works: Aristoxenus. Elements of the Harmonics (1997; translation and commentary); Aristoxenus. Origins of the Musical Science (1998); Claudius Ptolemy. The Harmonics. Porphyry. Commentary on Ptolemy’s Harmonics (2013; translation, commentary, research papers); Music Writers of the Greek Antiquity (2019; translations, commentaries, research papers).