Helmut Loos


Dr. Helmut Loos Doctor Habil., Professor emeritus of the Institute of Musicology at Leipzig University. Born in 1950. In the University of Bonn he studied musical pedagogy (1970–1974), and then musicology, history of arts and philosophy (1974–1980). In 1980 took the Ph. D. degree, in 1989 — Doctor Habil. Since 1981 to 1989 — Research Fellow at the Department of Musicology, the University of Bonn, in 1989–1993 — Director of the Institute for German Music in Eastern Europe in Bergisch Gladbach. In 1993–2001 Helmut Loos was the Head of the Subdepartment of Historical Musicology at Chemnitz University of Technology University of Technology; in 2001–2017 he held the same position in Leipzig University. In 2003 received the title of Professor Honoris Causa at Lysenko Lviv National Academy of Music. In 2003–2005 — Head of the Department of History, Arts, and Oriental Studies at Leipzig University. In 2014 received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa at Bucharest National Music University.