Igor I. Evlampiev


Professor of the Department of History of Russian Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University. His research interests include history of Russian and Western philosophy and philosophy of culture. The author of monographs: The Divine and the Human in Philosophy of Ivan Ilyin (St. Petersburg, 1998), History of Russian Metaphysics in the 19th–20th Centuries (in 2 vols., St. Petersburg, 2000), Art Philosophy of Andrei Tarkovsky (St. Petersburg, 2001; 2nd ed.: Ufa, 2012), Philosophy of Man in the Creativity of F. Dostoyevsky (St. Petersburg, 2013), Political Philosophy of B.N.Chicherin (St. Petersburg, 2013); textbooks: History of Russian Philosophy (Moscow, 2002; 2nd ed.: St. Petersburg, 2014), Formation of Non-Classical European Philosophy During the Second Half of the 19th — Beginning of the 20th Century (St. Petersburg, 2008).