Izaly I. Zemtsovsky


Folklorist and ethnomusicologist, born in Leningrad in 1936. Graduated from the Leningrad University (1958) and Conservatory (1960 as a musicologist, 1961 as composer). 1960–1996 — Russian Institute for the History of the Arts, 1989–1993 — Department Head, Traditional Culture of Siberian Peoples, Russian Pedagogical University. Since 1994 has taught in the United States universities (Los Angeles, Berkeley, Madison, Stanford). Executive  Board  Member at the International Council for Traditional Music (UNESCO, 1989–93). The author of a score of books (The Russian Drawn Out Song (1967), The Melodics of Calendar Songs (1975), Folklore and the Composer (1978), The Historical Morphology of the Folk Song (1987), The Heroic Epos of the Life and Works of Boris Putilov (2005), From the World of Oral Traditions: Collected Reflections (2006) and others) and more than 550 articles. Listed in The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians, 2nd ed. Honorary Professor of Tbilisi Conservatoire. The American Biographical Institute named him a Great Mind of the 21st Century. The Jaap Kunst Prize for Ethnomusicology (1997), the Koizumi Fumio Prize for Ethnomusicology 2011).