Marina N. Tchebourkina


accomplished her graduate and postgraduate degrees (Master and Doctorate) at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, where from 1984 to 1992, she was studying both as musicologist and as organist.
In 1989, she graduated from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, obtaining two Master’s diplomas Summa cum laude: one in Musicology and the other in Organ; her State exam in Organ took place, exceptionally, as a public recital at the Moscou Tchaikovsky Conservatory concert hall. Then, from 1989 to 1992, she undertook two Doctorate degrees at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, one in Organ (Doctor of Musical Arts: Concert Performance and Professoring) and the other in Science of Musical Art (Ph. Doctor); she completed both cycles Summa cum laude. Among her teachers: Yuri Kholopov, Leonid Roïzman, Youri Boutsko, Elena Sorokina, Natalia Gureyeva, Galina Eguiazarova.
At the end of her studies at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Marina Tchebourkina received the highest qualifications such as Concert performer, Musicologist, Professor of Organ and Professor of Musicology (1989), Professor of Organ in higher education institutions (1992), and after having defended her Doctorate thesis, Professor of Musicology and Music Science in higher education institutions (1994).
From 1992 to 1994, Marina Tchebourkina received a French Government grant and deepened her stylistic knowledge in organ music, in France — with Marie-Claire Alain, Michel Chapuis, Louis Robilliard, and in Germany — with Harald Vogel. Her meeting with Michel Chapuis, in 1992, enflamed both her passion for the French Baroque music and her interest in historical organs; this meeting determined one of the main directions of her artistic and scientific activities.
In 1995, Michel Chapuis invited Marina Tchebourkina to collaborate with him on the organ of the Royal Chapel of the Palace of Versailles. The 17th of November, 1995, she took part in the inaugural concert on the restored instrument, with Michel Chapuis. Their collaboration continued until 2010, the date when Chapuis resigned. The organist of the Royal Chapel of Versailles for fifteen years, Marina Tchebourkina acquired an international recognition as one of the leading experts in French Baroque organ music and historically informed performance.
In 2006, Marina Tchebourkina was nominated as a member of the National Commission for Historical Monuments of the French Ministry of Culture, Organ section (Decree of the Minister of Culture, France). She carries out valuations of old instruments and takes part in adoption of conclusions on their legal protection as well as in elaboration of artistic and technical projects of their restoration.
Since 2010, she has been regularly invited to the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory to give organ recitals and master classes, to participate in International Scientific conferences and to be a member of the jury at International Organ competitions and a consultant for organ building projects.
Scientific degrees
1994: Doctor of Science of Arts (Ph.D. – Kandidat nauk); the theme of the thesis: The Organ music of Olivier Messiaen; defended before the Scientific Council of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.
2013: Habilitated Doctor of Science of Arts (Habil.Dr. – Accreditation to supervise research – Doktor nauk); the theme of the thesis: The French Baroque Organ Art: Music, Organ building, Performance; defended before the Scientific Council of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.