Nelly G. Shakhnazarova (Melik-Shakhnazarova)


Born in 1924 in Mahachkala. From 1927 to 1945 lived in Baku, where she left high school (with honors) and the Music college (piano). In 1945 she finished two courses of the Azerbaijan State Conservatory, and then left to Moscow to enter the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Was accepted to the second year and engaged in prof. V. G. Belova and E. I. Grossman classes. In 1950 graduated from the Conservatory with honors. In 1950 she entered postgraduate school at the Marxist-Leninist aesthetic and graduated from it in 1953. Ph.D. degree in 1955 at the Philosophy Department of Moscow State University. Since 1960 she has worked in the Publishing House «Music», and at the State Institute of Art Studies. For 30 years was on the board of the Moscow Youth Club of the Moscow Union of Composers; member of the Union of Composers since 1962. Doctor of Arts (1989), Professor. Honored Artist of  Russia. She was  awarded the Gold Medal of the Moscow Union of Composers.
Passed away in 2016