Nikolay Yu. Khrust


Born in Moscow in 1982. In 2007 graduated from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory with honours; in 2010 completed his post-graduate studies there as a composer (in class of Full Prof. Vladimir Tarnopolsky). Visited master-classes of many famous composers and performers including Beat Furrer; studied at summer courses of New Music in Darmstadt (2004, 2010) and courses Impuls in Graz (2009). Nikolay Khrust has awards of international and all-Russian composers’ competitions such as P.I.Jurgenson young composers’ competition. He is a member of Moscow Composers’ Union and of the creative group Sound Plasticity. At present he teaches at Contemporary Music Subdepartment of Moscow Conservatory. In 2007–2014 he also worked at Conservatory Centre for Electroacoustic Music and as a music journalist in a journal Musical Life and other periodicals. Nikolay Khrust also works as a performer of electroacoustic music and as a sound designer; in this role he participated in several world and Russian premieres, exhibitions, installations. In 2013–14 as a part of Black Box laboratory in Vsevolod Meyerhold Centre (Moscow) there was performed the sound mystery The Creation for which Nikolay Khrust composed music. Music by Nikolay Khrust is performed by leading Russian and European contemporary music performers, such as Studio for New Music Moscow, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, Ensemble Aleph etc. Nikolay Khrust is the author of new educational programs: Multimedia Forms of Art, Music Typesetting, Typesetting and Layout of Complicated Scores, The 20th-Century Repertoire for Stringed Instruments (with Fedor Sofronov), Instrumentarium for Electroacoustic Music (with Alexey Nadjarov), The 20th-Century Repertoire for Wind Instruments (with the group of authors). Nikolay Khrust concerns himself with educative activity — deliver lectures, carries on master-classes. His scientific interests include new instrumental techniques, electroacoustic music, musical phenomenology.
Ph.D. (2017; thesis: New instrumental techniques: the experience of classification, supervisor  professor T.V.Tsaregradskaya, consultant  professor G.G.Amosov).