Pavel V. Lutsker


Born 1959 in Krasnoselsky, small settlement on western frontier of Byelorussia.  Graduated  from  the  Music  History and  Theory Department of The Russian Gnessins Academy of Music (1982). Ph.D. (1990). Since 1988 Senior Researcher at State Institute for Arts Studies (Department of Classical Western Arts). Also is working as Deputy Director of Program on State radio «Orpheus». Main points of research —  music und culture in  18th  century,  classical  style,  Italian opera.  Books:  «Italian  Opera  of 18th Century»  (vol. I — 1998,  vol.  II —  2004), «Mozart and His Age» (2008) (both with Irina  Susidko). Translations: «Mozart: Histories and Anecdotes from His Contemporaries» (2007, with S.Grokhotov).