Grigory A. Moiseev


Born in Moscow. Graduated from Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (Department of Music Theory and History, 2002), then finished a postgraduate course (scientific advisor— Full Professor Ekaterina Tsaryova). Ph. D. thesis: “Chamber Ensembles by P. I. Tchaikovsky” (Moscow Conservatory, 2006). Senior Research Fellow at Moscow Conservatory Publishing Center. Academic Secretary of the Dissertation Council of Moscow Conservatory. Author of two monographs on Tchaikovsky’s chamber ensembles (2005, 2009), as well as more than 70 scientific articles (some of them were prepared with the support of the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation). The main fields of research include the history of the Russian Musical Society, Tchaikovsky’s legacy, and the musical world of the Imperial Romanov dynasty. Member of the Scientific Council on the History of Music Education (All-Russian); member of the Tchaikovsky Society in Tübingen, Germany (Tschaikowsky Gesellschaft e. V.).