Julia V. Moskva


Graduated from the Music Theory and Composition Department of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1990), then completed her postgraduate course there (1993). She studied Latin at Shichalin’s Museum Graeco-Latinum (1990–1993) and got a diploma of Latin teacher. She studied also at Thomas Aquinas College of Catholic Theology in Moscow (1991–1992) and at the University of Catholic Theology in Warsaw (1992). Ph.D. thesis: The Antiphonary №1553/V from the Bibliothec of Lviv University in Chant and Manuscript Traditions of the European Middle Ages (1995, scientific advisor — Full Prof. J. Pikulik (Poland) and Full Prof. T. B. Baranova. Doctor of Fine Arts, thesis: “Modality of the Gregorian Chant on the Base of the Mass of the Franciscan Tradition” (2007). Julia Moskva taught at High Catholic Seminary Mary Queen of Apostles in Moscow (history of liturgical music), at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (music in the history of culture). Since 1996 to the present she has been teaching at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (music analysis, harmony, polyphony, Gregorian chant); Full Professor of the Music Theory Subdepartment. Specializes in the early music, liturgical monody, Gregorian chant, early polyphony. The author of about 80 published scientific works.