Larissa V. Kirillina


Dr. Habil. (Art Science), Full Professor of Foreign Music History Subdepartment at Tchaikovsky Moscow State 

Leading Research Fellow of the Classical Western Art Department at the State Institute of Art Studies (Moscow)

Author of books: “Beethoven and the Russian Maecens” (2022), “The Theatrical Vocation of George Frederic Handel” (2019), “Gluck” (a biography, 2018), “Handel” (a biography, 2017), “Beethoven” (a biography, 2015), “Beethoven: Life and Works” (2 vols., 2009), “Gluck’s Reform Operas” (2006), “The Classical Style in the music of the XVIII — early XIX centuries” (3 parts, 1996 —2007). Editor and contributor of the book “Italy — Russia: four centuries of music” (Russian and Italian, 2017); editor and collaborator of the new Russian edition (2011— 2016) of N.L.Fishman’s commented edition of the Beethoven’s letters (1970—1986).