Inna A. Barsova


Born in  Smolensk. Graduated from the  Music  Theory  and  Composition Department, the  Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1951), where she attended Prof.  I.  V.  Sposobin’s class, and in  1954 completed her postgraduate studies with  the  same Professor. Since  1954 she has been teaching at  the  Moscow Conservatory, first at  the  Instrumentation  Subdepartment, then at  the  Music Theory  Subdepartment.  She  teaches symphonic score reading and gives lectures  on  the  history  of  orchestral styles and the  history of  notation. She also gives a  special course in  the  avantgarde Soviet music of  1920ies at  the  History of  Russian Music Subdepartment. She  is the  author of  several books and numerous  articles.  Doctor of  Arts  (1978), Professor  (1981). Honored Art Worker  of  the  Russian Federation  (1994). In  2008  she  was  awarded  the  order  «Professional  of  Russia».