Jeanna V. Kniazeva


Born in Leningrad. Completed postgraduate studies at Russian Institute for the History of Arts and in 1994 defended Ph. D. thesis “Organ Concerts in St. Petersburg in the Second Half of 19th and Early 20th Century” (scientific advisor —  Ph. D. Anna L. Porfirieva). In 1996–1998 did postgraduate studies in Munich and Vienna and after that undertook several research projects in archives of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain and Spain. In 2011 Kniazeva’s book “Jacques Handschin in Russland: Die neu aufgefundenen Texte” (Basel: Schwabe Verlag, 2011) was published, and in 2012 she defended her doctoral thesis “Jacques Handschin and the Russian Music Culture of the First Quarter of the 20th Century”. Since January 2003 Dr. Kniazeva has been working at the Music Department of Russian Institute for the History of Arts (since 2014 — Head of the research and publishing project “The New Documents for the History of Art: 20th Century”).