Marina V. Karaseva


Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation, Full Professor of the Subdepartment of Music Theory of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory; Advisor to Rector. Member of Russian Composers’ Union. Senior Fulbright Scholar. Graduated from Moscow Conservatory (1982). Ph. D. thesis: “Theoretical Problems of Contemporary Ear Training” (scientific advisor — Full Prof. Yu. N. Kholopov). Doctor of Fine Arts; thesis: “Solfeggio: A Psychotechnique of Ear Training” (2000). Dr. Karaseva’s scientific activity is mainly concentrated on intensive methods of contemporary ear training and music psychotechnology. She is the author of academic courses on social psychology of music, music in advertising (Moscow State University), and music sociology (Higher School of Economics). Karaseva has written many books and papers on ear training, including the three-volume “Modern Solfeggio” (1996), which is the first integrated how-to course focusing on practical study of the modern language of music, and a monograph entitled “Solfeggio: A Psychotechnique of Ear Training” (1999, 3rd ed. —  2009) —  a complex methodological investigation into the field of practical music cognition. Dr. Karaseva delivers her own psychological training seminars and master classes in Russia and abroad. Co-founder and curator of the social net for musicians Splayn ( See also Dr. Karaseva’s website: